Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Second eHow Blog Carnival

Our second eHow blog carnival is now live.

We will take a short hiatus for the holidays and resume the carnival after the New Year.

Have a great holiday season & Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Inaugural eHow Blog Carnival

Our first eHow blog carnival features the following articles and bloggers. It's like a box of chocolates; we have a variety of how-to delights in this week's list of links.

First up, Alrady has some seasonal advice with How to Start A New Christmas Tradition - 5 Ideas and some great tips on How to Find a Lost Cell Phone --Free Spring Advice. (My toddler once deep sixed my cell phone which I routinely kept on vibrate since she was a light sleeper. I spent an hour army crawling through the house, my ear to the floor, trying to sense the vibrations. How to Find a Lost Cell Phone would've saved me some trouble!)

From SilverXspoons we have an article on How to Make Money on Twitter  from Your Tweets and a seasonal article for the new year, How to Make New Year Goals for 2010.

Mom Who Writes has an article about How to Help with Finding Missing Children. Anyone who has spent time on the eHow forums has heard about Lindsay Baum and knows how the eHow community pulled together to help find her.

Cynthia is our resident musician this week and has some advice on How to Select Your Child's Music Teacher.

Angelica Sassy (LOVE that name!) has an article on How to Block a Phone Number from Calling You on Verizon Wireless. Awesome info! I will be using it because we have Verizon and I still get calls from whoever had our number before...almost 2 years later.

The eHow Writers blog wants to share with us How to Get an Email Marketing List.

Last but not least, Aspiring to be a Freelance Writer has some great tips on How to Host a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party. I have a cookie exchange coming up this week too, so this article is just in time!

Submissions for the next eHow blog carnival are due Sunday 12/20. Email your links to netwriterm AT g-m-a-i-l DOT com. Host for next week is Alrady.

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How the eHow Blog Carnival Works

Making money with web content relies on two major factors:

1. Proper use of keywords and SEO to ensure people find your content.

2.The page rank or authority search engines give your content which can be improved with back links.

SEO will only take content so far which is why people try to boost page rank and authority with back links. Search engines view back links as 'votes of confidence' and figure that content with more back links is probably better than content without bank links.

Many people write entirely new content and post it on article directories or other ad revenue sharing sites to generate back links, but this takes time and requires extra work that is sometimes uncompensated. Plus, there are only so many places to write content for and only so many times you can re-work content for a topic.

The benefit of a blog carnival is that it's a quick, painless way to build back links and improve your content's rank in the search engines. Here's how you can participate.

1. You provide a link to the carnival host of eHow content you wish to promote. This takes about 5 minutes (or less) to do. You can submit a new link every time or a different link for each blog carnival depending on how many back links you wish to create.

2. The host posts your link on their website which creates a back link. A blog carnival post takes about 15 to 20 minutes to do.

The format we will use for carnival posts is either:

Name of Blog link has an article on How To eHow link. (In the event a blog link is made available.)


Here's an interesting article on how to ehow link. (When there is no blog link to include.)

3. Everyone takes turns being a host which means you need to have a blog or website (it takes just a few minutes to get started with Blogger).

Our first carnival will be next week and will be hosted here. Submissions are due by midnight Sunday 12/13. Email me at netwriterm AT g-m-a-i-l DOT com with the link you wish to promote.

By providing a link you agree to serve as blog carnival host on one of your blogs/websites in the near future.

For more information on what a blog carnival is and how they work, check out the Blog FAQ.